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My Little Big World

A picture book full of bright illustrations for toddlers and preschoolers. The pictures tell about recognisable situations in the world they live in: playing on the farm, romping in the snow, games with grandma and grandpa.

With the help of the little drawings, children will enlarge their vocabulary. The questions at every page, make the together viewing of the pages a nice experience.

·  daily life, seasons, look and find  ·  text and illustrations: Sanne Miltenburg  ·  printed book  ·   3+ years ·   26 pages   ·   De Banier, 2012   ·   ISBN 978 90 336 30064 


'The lively illustrations have just the right amount of details and are made with a colourful digital technique and pencil. Suitable for the mediacentrum of the lower school of the primary education and for the book collection of the nursery. Also fitting for usage at home.'

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