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I'm the boss, Sinterklaas!

Lotte is angry. Daddy promised her to go together to the arrival of Sinterklaas, but daddy is very late from work. Lotte thinks: if only daddy was as sweet as Sinterklaas, he is always on time! That leads her to think up a great plan: maybe Sinterklaas wants to become her daddy?

An emotional and thrilling story about the connection between father and child. And about Sinterklaas. For children from 5 years.  

• themes: family, Sinterklaas    • printed picture book   • publisher Clavis, september 2019    • 30 pages    • 5-8 years    • illustrations and text: Sanne Miltenburg    


'It isn't always easy for children to understand the world of adults. Sometimes they feel left behind while it's not intended at all. Sanne Miltenburg had made this clear in a beautiful way by her words and drawings. This book is very suitable to be read in classrooms.'
Juf Janneke

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