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The magical ballet shoes

Floortje gets very jealous when her friend Lilian is given the leading role in a balletshow. Floortje wants the role instead, but she just started ballet and still has a lot to learn. On a magical night Floortje steals the talent of her friend...

A magical story about ballet, friendship and willpower. For children of 5 years and older

• themes: ballet, jealousy, friendship, willpower    • printed picture book   • publisher Clavis, juli 2020    • 30 pages    • illustrations and text: Sanne Miltenburg    

available from 31 juli 2020


'I think this is a perfect theme, learning to work hard for a chosen goal. As an ex-ballerina and teacher/mother who loves strong mindsets I declare: this book has to come to the readers!'
Teacher Bianca

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